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Airport Parking Deals20
ClosestAPH Meet & Greet (forecourt)
CheapestA2Z Super Saver
Meet And GreetAce Meet & Greet
Long StayCophall Parking
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Professional, Secure, and approved parking at Gtwick at cheap rates.

At Parkimo parking finder, you can easily compare parking prices, rating, and service quality based on genuine customer reviews. We make you able to select between approved, secure, and cheap Gatwick car parking options and book online in advance. You can find all parking types here, whether you are searching for meet and greet or park and ride, or airport car parking, Parkimo Parking Finder got you covered.

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Gatwick Airport Parking Options

Parking at Gatwick Airport is as diverse as its fleet of airplanes. From budget-conscious Park and Ride services to the sheer convenience of Meet and Greet options, we caters to a myriad of travel needs and budgets. Perhaps you’re seeking cost-effectiveness without compromising on convenience? Park and Ride services have you covered. With secure off-site parking and regular shuttle services, you can start your travel experience stress-free.

Gatwick Car Parking Prices

Note: These parking price are based on 8 days quote from 14 March 2024 to 21 March 2024

Gatwick Car Parks Type 8 Days Price With PPF
A2z Secure Park & RidePark And Ride | Off-Airportfrom £63.95
Cambridge Hotel Park & RidePark And Ride | Off-Airportfrom £33
Tudor Rose Park and ChauffeurPark And Ride | Off-Airportfrom £57.75
AMAG Meet & GreetMeet & Greet | Off-Airportfrom £59.97
Purple Parking Park and RidePark And Ride | Off-Airportfrom £63.99
Cophall Park & RidePark And Ride | Off-Airportfrom £67.95
APH Park & RidePark And Ride | Off-Airportfrom £69.92
Airparks Park & RidePark And Ride | Off-Airportfrom £69.92
A2Z Special OfferMeet & Greet | Off-Airportfrom £88
Purple Parking Meet & Greet SouthMeet & Greet | Off-Airportfrom £88
Purple Parking Meet & Greet NorthMeet & Greet | Off-Airportfrom £88
APH Self ParkPark And Ride | Off-Airportfrom £89.92
Ace Meet & GreetMeet & Greet | Off-Airportfrom £92
I Lover Meet & Greet Meet & Greet | Off-Airportfrom £92
APH Meet & Greet (forecourt)Meet & Greet | Off-Airportfrom £96.45
APH Meet & Greet SouthMeet & Greet | Off-Airportfrom £107
APH Meet & Greet NorthMeet & Greet | Off-Airportfrom £107
APH LGW Electric 30KHWMeet & Greet | Off-Airportfrom £109.91
I Love Valet (car wash)Meet & Greet | Off-Airportfrom £117
APH LGW Electric 60KHWMeet & Greet | Off-Airportfrom £129.91

Maybe you’re all about efficiency and convenience? Then Meet and Greet services are your best bet. Simply arrive at the terminal and let a professional park your car, leaving you free to breeze through to check-in. And for those who prefer a touch of luxury, valet parking offers the ultimate in hassle-free travel.

Park and Ride at Gatwick Airport

Park and Ride at Gatwick Airport is a budget-friendly solution that doesn’t compromise on convenience. Here are some key features of this option:

  • You park your car at a nearby secure car park
  • You take a courtesy shuttle to the terminal
  • The shuttle buses are equipped with GPS tracking and runs every 10-15 minutes
  • The transfer time is approximately 10-12 minutes
gatwick airport park and ride

This option is ideal for those who don’t mind a slightly longer transit time in favor of saving money.

What about security, you might ask? Rest assured, Our compared's Park and Ride service uses Park Mark accredited car parks such as Cophall Parking Gatwick. These car parks have been vetted by the police for their security measures and are monitored around the clock. Plus, friendly staff are always on hand to assist with your luggage, including bulky items like skis.

Park and ride service runs 20 hours a day, ensuring you can catch your flight no matter what time it leaves.

Gatwick Parking Meet and Greet : Convenient Parking

If convenience is your top priority, Meet and Greet Gatwick Airport parking is the way to go. Imagine this: you drive straight to the terminal, hand over your keys to a professional driver, and walk directly to check-in. No need to worry about finding a parking space or lugging heavy suitcases from the car park to the terminal.

The service doesn’t end there. Upon your return, your car will be waiting for you in a designated area close to the terminal, so you can hop in and head home without delay. For those with mobility issues or traveling with small children, Meet and Greet services provide easy and direct access to terminals, eliminating the need for shuttle transfers. And fret not if your plans change or delays occur; directions to the Meet and Greet areas are provided, and you can keep the provider updated about your arrival time.

Gatwick Valet Parking: The Ultimate in Hassle-Free Travel

For those who value time and convenience above all, valet parking at Gatwick Airport is the ultimate choice. Imagine pulling up to the terminal, handing over your keys to a professional valet, and stepping directly into the check-in area. There’s no need to navigate complicated parking lots or wait for shuttle buses.

Upon your return, your car is ready and waiting, enabling a quick and effortless departure. The service is especially beneficial for families and disabled persons, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free travel experience. Plus, with valet parking available at Gatwick’s South Terminal, you can enjoy easy access regardless of your flight’s departure point.

Car Parks at Gatwick: North vs South Terminal

Understanding the layout of Gatwick’s car parks can significantly streamline your parking experience. The airport offers both Short Stay and Long Stay official car parks at both the North and South terminals. Short Stay car parks are closest to the terminals, ideal for quick drop-offs or pick-ups, while Long Stay car parks offer more budget-friendly rates for longer periods. A short shuttle ride will get you from the Long Stay car park to the terminal in no time.

Parkimo Parking Finder recommends several Gatwick-approved parking options, such as:

  • APH
  • Airparks
  • Purple Parking for value
  • Maple Parking
  • ACE Parking
  • I Love Parking for streamlined Meet and Greet services.

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Gatwick North Terminal Parking

Parkimo Parking Finder offers a variety of official parking options that cater to your specific travel needs, whether it’s budget, convenience, or a bit of both. Meet and Greet services, including I Love Meet and Greet and Maple Manor, allow you to drop off and pick up your car right next to the North Terminal, providing a seamless transition from car to check-in.

If you prefer a higher level of luxury and convenience, valet parking is a great choice. Known for its time efficiency and hassle-free nature, valet parking at Gatwick North Terminal is the epitome of effortless travel. Rest assured that all Gatwick Airport parking at North Terminal are provided by Gatwick-approved operators, ensuring reliable and secure parking. Many even hold a Park Mark award for security.

And the convenience doesn’t end at parking. The North Terminal is equipped with amenities such as shopping options, restaurants, and a multi-faith chapel, enhancing your travel experience before you even board your flight.

Gatwick South Terminal Parking

Just like its northern counterpart, we offer a variety of convenient Gatwick South Airport parking options. Whether you’re seeking Short Stay convenience or the cost-effective rates of Long Stay parking or Whether you’re looking for the immediate access of Short Stay parking, the affordability of Long Stay parking, or the seamless experience of Meet and Greet parking, the South Terminal has options to suit every requirement. meet and greet parking, you’ll find a solution to meet your needs at the South Terminal. The Short Stay car parks offer flexibility for different travel durations, while the short stay car park is recommended for pre-booking to avoid standard roll-up prices.

Long Stay parking at South Terminal is a breeze. Simply take a ticket at the entry barrier, park your car, and use the free shuttle bus to reach the terminal. Rest easy knowing that South Terminal’s parking facilities are backed by robust security measures, including 24-hour manned patrols, security fencing, and CCTV. Hurry Up and pre-book Gatwick Airport parking with us.

After a major renovation, the South Terminal now boasts a state-of-the-art security area and a dedicated entrance for special assistance passengers, which contributes to a positive parking and airport terminal experience.

Compare Gatwick Parking Car Parks

Once you’re familiar with the variety of parking options at Gatwick, it’s wise to compare them to find the best fit for your needs and budget. Factors to consider include:

  • Proximity to the terminal
  • Cost
  • Security measures
  • Additional services offered

Look beyond just the price tag – consider the convenience and peace of mind that comes with knowing your car is in safe hands. Remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the best one – the most suitable parking option is the one that best meets your needs and gives you peace of mind while you’re away.

Money Saving Tips To Get Best Gatwick Parking

The cost of parking at Gatwick Airport doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, with some careful planning and smart choices, you can enjoy secure, convenient parking without overspending. Parkimo Parking finder offers different types of parking, including on-airport options that come with a higher price tag due to their proximity to terminals.

On the other hand, off-airport options like Park and Ride facilities typically offer cheaper rates. These facilities provide secure off-site parking and complimentary transfer shuttles, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Use Gatwick parking discount code "CARPARKOFF" for instant discount on all LGW airport parking products at our panel.

gatwick parking discount code

However, for those who do not pre-book, Gatwick Airport provides pay-on-foot machines to pay for parking in car parks, so be sure to review short stay parking costs that may apply.

Early Booking Advantages

Booking your Gatwick parking in advance can offer significant savings. In fact, pre-booking can potentially reduce costs by up to 80% compared to gate rates on the day of arrival. But it’s not just about saving money. Early booking also ensures you can secure a parking space, particularly crucial during busy travel seasons when parking lots fill up quickly.

Plus, you can net immediate additional savings on already affordable Gatwick meet and greet car parks by utilizing discount codes, such as ‘CARPARKOFF’ from us. Pre-book with us now!

Top 5 Cheapest Gatwick Car Parks

Note: These parking price are based on 8 days quote from 14 March 2024 to 21 March 2024

Gatwick Car Parks Type 8 Days Price With Parkimo
Cambridge Hotel Park & RidePark And Ride | Off-Airportfrom £33
Tudor Rose Park and ChauffeurPark And Ride | Off-Airportfrom £57.75
AMAG Meet & GreetMeet & Greet | Off-Airportfrom £59.97
Purple Parking Park and RidePark And Ride | Off-Airportfrom £63.99
Cophall Park & RidePark And Ride | Off-Airportfrom £67.95

Comparing Off-Airport vs On-Airport Parking Costs

When it comes to cost-effective parking at Gatwick, it pays to compare. Off-airport car parks, such as Cophall Parking and Airparks Park and Ride, typically offer cheaper rates compared to on-site parking options. These facilities also include a free shuttle service to the airport terminals, ensuring a smooth transition from car park to check-in.

Parkimo Parking Finder make it easy to compare all Gatwick airport parking charges, allowing you to select the most cost-effective option for your needs.

Additional Services for Gatwick Airport Car Park Users

When you book your parking at Gatwick, you’re not just paying for a spot to park your car. You’re also gaining access to a range of additional services designed to enhance your travel experience. These can include electric vehicle charging, comprehensive car cleaning, and even luggage assistance, ensuring your vehicle is ready and well-maintained upon your return. But it varies depending on the facilities of the car park with which you've secured your booking.

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Complimentary Add-Ons with Parking

Parking at Official Gatwick Airport comes with a host of complimentary amenities designed to make your travel experience even more enjoyable. Some of these amenities include:

  • Free wifi, providing convenience and connectivity while you wait
  • Retail therapy options for some pre-flight shopping
  • A variety of eateries to grab a bite to eat
  • London Gatwick Airport car parks offer a variety of conveniently located options near shopping and dining venues, catering to every taste.

Premium Upgrades for Your Vehicle

For those who like to travel in style, Gatwick Airport’s Valet Parking service also offers Premium Car Care options. These include a comprehensive hand-wash and dry, interior vacuuming, and a fresh air freshener.

When you return from your trip, you’ll find your vehicle spotlessly clean and smelling fresh, enhancing your post-travel comfort and easing the transition back into daily life.

Booking with Ease: Parkimo Parking Finder's Process

Booking your Gatwick parking doesn’t have to be a chore. With Parkimo Parking Finder, the process is simplified and streamlined. This user-friendly platform allows you to compare and book Gatwick parking options with ease, offering secure payment methods and customer support to ensure a worry-free booking experience.

How to Use Parkimo Parking Finder for Gatwick Parking

To get started with Parkimo Parking Finder, simply follow these steps

  • 1. Select your desired arrival and departure dates and times.
  • 2. The platform will then display a variety of meet and greet and park and ride Gatwick airport parking options for you to review and compare.
  • 3. Find an option that suits your needs and budget perfectly.

After selecting the most suitable parking option, you can finalize your booking with a secure payment. You’ll then receive a confirmation email containing your reservation number and important details about the service. Should your plans change, most parking services booked through Parkimo allows amendments to the booking, providing flexibility for the customers.

Customer Support and Cancellation Policy

Parkimo Parking Finder offers the following benefits:

  • Simplifies the booking process
  • Provides invaluable support throughout your journey
  • Ensures your payment information is protected with multiple layers of security during the processing of payments
  • Offers customer support in the event of any issues

Should your travel plans change unexpectedly, some parking services booked through Parkimo offer a cancellation policy for flex products, giving you peace of mind and flexibility.

Guide For Smooth Gatwick Airport Experience: We Care

Preparing for your Gatwick parking experience is just as important as booking it. This includes:

  • Checking traffic delays
  • Having your tickets and passports ready
  • Allowing sufficient time for shuttle bus transfers
  • Doing some pre-trip planning

For instance, booking your parking at Gatwick in advance is highly recommended to secure better value compared to turning up and parking on the day.

Arrival Tips for a Smooth Experience

Arriving at Gatwick for your flight should be a smooth, stress-free experience. To ensure this, it’s advisable to arrive 1 hour in advance if you’re using Gatwick Meet and Greet services. If you’re opting for Long Stay parking, make sure to allow sufficient time to park your car and take the shuttle to the terminal.

Before departure, ensure your booking confirmation and directions to the car park are easily accessible. These are crucial for a smooth parking process. Also, use the directions provided on the car parking pages, the booking confirmation email, or location tools like Google Maps or What3Words to navigate efficiently to the designated car park. And lastly, plan for the additional time needed for shuttle bus transfers when using park and ride parking options for long stay.

Departure Day Checklist

Before you leave your car at Gatwick, it’s worth running through a quick departure day checklist. First, double-check that your car is locked and all windows are fully closed. Ensure no valuables are left visible in your car and that personal items are either locked in the trunk or taken with you.

Keep your parking ticket in an accessible spot as you may need it to exit the car park. Finally, make a note of your parking space number and the location of the nearest exit in the car park to avoid confusion on your return.

Tips To Best Gatwick Parking Space

By now, you should have a good understanding of Gatwick’s airport parking services. But before we wrap up, here are a few additional tips to ensure a smooth parking experience at Gatwick.

First, consider your needs. Are you prioritizing cost, convenience, or both? This will help you choose between Park and Ride, Meet and Greet, or valet parking.

Second, always book early to secure the best rates and ensure a parking space, especially during peak travel seasons.

Third, Get quote now to compare different parking options and prices, and book the one that best suits your needs.

Fourth, remember to prepare for your arrival and departure day. This includes checking traffic delays, having your tickets and passports ready, and allowing sufficient time for shuttle bus transfers

And lastly, always double-check your car is locked and all windows are fully closed before leaving your vehicle in the car park.

Parking at Gatwick Airport doesn’t have to be a daunting task. From budget-friendly Park and Ride services to the convenience of Meet and Greet or the luxury of valet parking, there’s a solution for every traveler. By booking early, comparing options, and preparing for the journey, you can secure a smooth, hassle-free parking experience. Remember, the right parking service for you is the one that best aligns with your needs and provides peace of mind while you’re away. So next time you’re jetting off from Gatwick, you can focus on the adventure that awaits, knowing your car is safe and secure.


The cheapest way to park at Gatwick is with Cophall Parking and APH Parking, which offers parking for both terminals and a free transfer shuttle to the airport, taking about 15 minutes.

Trusted Park and Ride, APH, Airparks, Cophall Parking, and Purple Parking offer the best value Gatwick parking, while Meet and Greet services like Maple Parking, ACE, and Meteor provide a hassle-free parking option. Consider these options for your parking needs.

You can save money on Gatwick parking by booking early, which can reduce costs by up to 80%, and by using discount codes for immediate savings. Start planning ahead to benefit from these savings.

You can park for free at the Long Stay car park for up to two hours, but be prepared to take a short bus ride to the terminal building.

Gatwick Airport offers Park and Ride, Meet and Greet, and Valet Parking services, catering to various travel needs and budgets. Choose the one that best suits your requirements.